IYPT 2024


Important dates

July 10, Wednesday – Arrival Day

Arrival of the teams

July 17, Wednesday – Departure Day

Departure of the teams

July 19, Friday – Departure Day

IOC departure day



For those arriving earlier or leaving later

We would like to remind teams that accommodation can only be provided during the duration of the competition (July 10 – July 17). If you arrive earlier or departure later, the local organizing committee cannot assist with accommodation, meals, or transportation. 


There are numerous excellent accommodations available near the competition venue (1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A), which can be conveniently booked online through platforms such as booking.com or airbnb.com.

Recommended accommodations:

Dining options

In the vicinity of the competition venue, you’ll find various dining options:

Allee Mall or Corvin Plaza: Both locations are shopping malls with various shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. Among the restaurants, you’ll find self-service eateries, fast-food restaurants, salad bars, and vegan restaurants as well.

We will welcome the teams arriving earlier on July 10th from 2 p.m. at Kármán Tódor Dormitory (accommodation for teams). The first communal meal will be dinner on July 10th. The last meal provided by LOC will be breakfast on July 17th.


Teams arriving on July 10th will be greeted and escorted to their accommodation by team assistant guides at the airport/train station/bus station. At this time, participants will receive passes allowing them to use public transportation free of charge throughout the duration of the competition. Teams arriving earlier must arrange their own transportation to their accommodation, and we recommend using Google Maps route planner, where every route is pinpointed to the minute. They can get the passes entitling them to free travel earliest on July 10th. If you leave Budapest later that July 17th, you have to arrange your transportation to the station/airport.

There is a direct bus service from Budapest airport to the city centre (100E, extra charge) or you can take bus 200E (normal fare) to the nearest metro station. For bus 200E tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine at the airport or through the Budapest Go mobile application.

The direct airport service (100E) reaches the city center of Budapest in approximately 40 minutes. The bus operates approximately every 10 minutes during the day and about every half hour at night. Ticket purchase and validation is possible on the bus (100E) using your credit card with the Budapest Pay&GO service.

Program for the IOC