IYPT 2024 Hungary

The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) is one of the most prestigious high school international physics competitions, also known as the „Physics World Cup”. It is an essential platform that serves as a catalyst for the advancement of physics education and research. IYPT can also contribute to the advancement of STEM education and can encourage girls to choose STEM studies.

The 37th competition in the history of the IYPT will be held in Hungary in 2024. The competition is unique in that it is not only about physics, as the IYPT is an extremely exciting team competition where competitors fight fierce battles in English. In addition to a deep physical understanding of these problems, quick thinking and situation recognition, persuasive argumentation techniques, good English language skills and team spirit are also extremely important. Perhaps it is also due to this complexity that participation in this competition is extremely exciting and an experience of a lifetime.

The Hungarian team has been participating in the competition since 1989, and is extremely lucky to host the the competition next year. We are looking forward to meeting you in the summer of 2024 in Budapest, Hungary!