Why should you apply to take part in HYPT?

The IYPT (International Young Physicists’ Tournament), in Hungarian Ifjú Fizikusok Nemzetközi Versenye (commonly known as Fizika Világkupa – Physics World Cup), is the largest and most prestigious international physics team competition for high school students. The national round is known as HYPT. Hungary has been participating in the event since 1989, regularly achieving silver and gold placements.

Not only lexical knowledge, but experimental work and teamwork are emphasized.

• During the preparation of the Hungarian team, we conduct very intensive talent development.

• Participants, beyond their knowledge of physics, experience a significant increase in self-confidence, work capacity, creativity, improved communication skills, and social skills through teamwork.

• The competition is a real “real-life experience,” vividly representing real life – guiding students towards a research career or a role in business life.

Tasks, Application, and Selection Process:

• Registration must be done by October 31st on the hypt.elte.hu/hypt/jelentkezes-a-versenyre website.

• One problem must be selected from the 17 problems posted on the website and worked on.

• Research results must be compiled into a maximum 8-page paper and submitted in Hungarian by November 28th – 1st round.

• The top-scoring maximum of 20 students will be invited to the 2nd round (mid-December), where a 10-member Hungarian team will be selected based on an English presentation and a jury discussion.

• Following this, the competition preparation takes place at home and at Eötvös Loránd University with the help of coaches.

More info on https://hypt.elte.hu/

In other words, Budapest will host the world competition in 2024 – significant players in the country’s scientific and economic life support and closely follow the progress of the competition.